Larry Roberts
Fayette County Attorney

201 East Main Street
Suite 600
Lexington, KY 40507

(859) 254-4941


Gang Enforcement

On December 1, 2009, the Fayette County Attorney’s Office and the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Police Department joined efforts to form and fund a Gang Enforcement Specialist position. This position is located within the Fayette County Attorney’s Office. The primary focus is to work with police agencies in Fayette County and the surrounding area, federal law enforcement agencies, schools, and departments of corrections to maximize our efforts within the criminal justice system to identify, prevent and prosecute anyone involved in illegal gang activity. In addition, the Gang Enforcement Specialist will provide educational programs for schools and community agencies in cooperation with the County Attorney’s Office and the Lexington Police Department.

This effort was the result of an increase in the evidence of organized gangs (names, signs, symbols, graffiti, etc.) and criminal activity related to gangs in our community. Law enforcement agencies recognize that we must be proactive in our approach to understand the common identifiers and combat any effort to make our community unsafe from gang activity.

brazilian hair uk Greg Howard has had a long and diverse career in criminal justice. He began his professional career in 1977 with the Lexington Division of Police and retired as a Captain after nearly 20 years of service. Soon after retirement, Greg accepted a position at the Department of Criminal Justice Training Academy in Richmond, Kentucky, and served in a variety of roles, including Director of Training and Director of Training Support. He continues his association with the Academy as an adjunct police instructor. After a short tenure in the private sector with Lockmaster Securities, he was appointed Commissioner of Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement where he served for four and a half years. In 2008, he established Greg Howard & Associates (GHA), Consulting Firm, through which he provides investigative, consulting, and training services and has been a witness in areas of expertise. In addition to this business, Greg also serves as a FEMA Instructor for the Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium at Eastern Kentucky University, providing event security planning for public safety professionals nationwide. In addition, he is a part-time instructor in the College of Justice and Safety at Eastern Kentucky University. Greg has a Bachelor’s Degree in Police Administration and a Master’s Degree in Security and Loss Prevention from Eastern Kentucky University. Over the past 33 years, Greg has also received thousands of hours of exceptional training. He is a graduate of Class 164 of the FBI National Academy, a highly selective academy that is internationally known for its academic excellence.

Greg joined the Fayette County Attorney’s Office in December, 2009 as the Gang Enforcement Specialist.

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