Larry Roberts
Fayette County Attorney

201 East Main Street
Suite 600
Lexington, KY 40507

(859) 254-4941



Our office has implemented a paperless system for our prosecutors hair bundles uk. Each attorney has a laptop computer, which is downloaded daily by clerical staff with all of the documentation needed for the prosecution of over 50,000 felony and misdemeanor cases annually.

Our attorneys can now interactively communicate about their cases. Through Internet connection, they can prepare their case responsibilities out of the office. This has eliminated our need to have paper copies for a limited time of a few days only, then throw the copies away. This new system will provide tremendous results in huge cost savings, as well as an increased proficiency for our prosecutors.

After observing the efficiency of our program, Kentucky's state child support directors have elected to use this office as a model in becoming the first county in Kentucky to convert our 17,000 active files to the same paperless system.

Did you know that if you do not pay your current year property taxes to the Sheriff by April 15th, your unpaid tax bill will become known as a Certificate of Delinquency, and on April 16th will be transferred to the Fayette County Clerk’s Office where it will be recorded as a lien on your property, pursuant to KRS134.122. This Certificate of Delinquency will accrue additional penalties and fees and will incur one percent interest per month until paid in full, pursuant to KRS 134.125.

If your Certificate of Delinquency remains unpaid for 90 days after it is transferred, pursuant to KRS 134.452, “third-party purchasers” can then purchase your Certificate of Delinquency by paying the amount due. The Certificate of Delinquency is then reassigned to the “third-party purchaser." These “third-party purchasers” are allowed to charge additional fees, which can be very costly for the taxpayer.

However, a Certificate cannot be sold to a “third-party purchaser” if the taxpayer has entered into a payment agreement with the County Attorney’s Office, or if the subject property is involved in current litigation in which the County Attorney is a party.

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