Diversion for Criminal Cases


About our diversion program

Our program is approved by the Kentucky Supreme Court. For a comprehensive look at the program including crtieria, approval, etc. 

The Criminal Diversion Program is an alternative sentencing program designed for the first-time offenders. After successful completion of the program, the charge(s) is dismissed and eligible for expungement (wiped off your record). 

Through an interview process, counseling, meeting with parents, and demanding hours of community service, we intend to instill in the offender a better sense of community responsibility and bring about behavior and attitude adjustments that will break the cycle of recidivism before it begins. If an individual does not have a high school degree, then in most cases they will be required to obtain a G.E.D. We have successfully graduated hundreds of young adults with the General Education Diploma and have required many individuals to re-enter college or pursue vocational training.


Must be at least 18 years of age and have had no prior contact with the court system (juvenile histories are reviewed on an individual basis).

A prosecutor’s referral from misdemeanor court is required. While the program’s core focus is possession of alcohol by minors and theft charges, other non-enhanceable misdemeanors are considered.


After arraignment on the misdemeanor, the offender must make and keep an appointment with a diversion counselor, who will verify that all criteria for admission are met and ascertain whether restitution is required.

If diversion is approved, up to 75 hours of community service will be assigned at a designated volunteer agency. In addition, we may require appropriate counseling for alcohol or drug behavior will be determined, anger management completion, sensitivity training, parenting classes, etc. Fees will be assessed for administrative and court costs. Continued education, either on a high school or secondary level, may be required.

Upon successful completion of the program, the offender will have their charges dismissed. At this point, the offender will be eligible to have the dismissed charge expunged from their record.

However, if the terms of the program are not met, or if the participant was charged with another offense during the pendency of the action, it will be deemed a failure and the offender will need to proceed through the court system.


Eileen Larmour – Director of Diversion – (859) 226-1819   

To schedule an interview, please contact Alex Nelson (859) 226-1813      

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