Fayette County Attorney's Office Driver Education

Over 1,500 high school students have completed the Fayette County Driver Education program.

Importance of Our Program

 “Learning how to drive and getting a license is one of the most coveted achievements for many teenagers. It is our goal to see when students complete this program, they will not only know the basic operation of a vehicle but be able to react to situations they may encounter while driving a vehicle. We will provide the finest classroom, simulation and behind-the-wheel training that will benefit drivers for the rest of their lives.”

                                             – Larry Roberts

Contact Larry Roberts today about eligibility and enrolling in the program. 859-226-1814 LarryS.Roberts@fayettecountyattorney.com

Why choose our program?

facts about teen drivers

There are more than 1,500 collisions in Lexington every year involving teens.

Young drivers die each year when their right front wheel catches the edge of a rural road and they cannot handle the resulting skid.

Teenagers are ten times more likely to be in a crash in their first year on the road.

our goal

To teach students positive driving habits focusing on crash avoidance and zone control.

the program

Training will include classroom instruction, use of driving simulators, and driving on a 3 1/2-acre driving pad under the supervision of certified instructors.

Our program has been certified by the Kentucky State Police.

Mayor Linda GortonJan. 7, 2019. 
Photo by Amy Wallot

"I was on the City council in 2010 when the Council and Mayor Gray agreed to allow the Fayette County Attorney to use the City's driving pad on Old Frankfort Pike for a defensive driving school for teenagers. We knew the alarming statistics of wrecks in Fayette County caused each year by 16 to 19-year-old drivers, and it had been more than 35 years since driving education was taught in the public schools. Having observed this program since its creation, and having been present for the recognition of the 500th and 1,000th graduate, I look forward to the recognition of the 1,500th graduate this summer as I continue to support this exceptional program." Mayor Linda Gorton

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