Diversion for Traffic Offenses


About our Traffic Offense Diversion Program

Your traffic ticket may be eligible for our program

The Drive Safe Lexington Program is designed to reinforce safe driving principles and to help those who have committed a moving violation to avoid points and increased insurance premiums.


To be eligible you must have a valid driver’s license and automobile insurance.  Most moving violations not involving an allegation of driving under the influence are considered for the program. However, the Fayette County Attorney reserves the right to exclude applicants based on the seriousness of the moving violation, criminal history, and/or the number of past moving violations.

However, you are INELIGIBLE if:

  • Hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL)
  • Were traveling at 31mph over or greater
  • Have received other tickets in the year prior to the current ticket
  • Have already paid the fine and court cost for the ticket

Program Requirements

For most violations, the administrative fee for Drive Safe Lexington is $200.  However, some cases will carry an administrative fee up to $400.  This program requires you to complete an online driver education and safety course, which teaches and promotes highway safety.  Once completed the ticket will be dismissed with no points assessed against your license and it will not appear against your driving record.  You may request this program by enrolling online at www.drivesafelexington.com.  If approved, you will receive an email from the prosecutor’s office.  If you have problems requesting the program please call Drive Safe Lexington customer service at 866-605-7133.  


Upon successful completion of the Drive Safe Lexington program, the case is dismissed and there are no points added to your driver’s license.  The vast majority of our participants over the age of 18, never have to appear in court.